Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Artist Spotlight – Ace The Time

“Ace the Time is a Lyricist and Producer based in Washington DC. Described as a “fan turned favorite”. He was a music lover that grew unsatisfied w/music and videos made by the “established” artists. Ace then became motivated to bring creativity, passion, individuality and Social awareness back to music.”

1.) When did you start making music?
Summer of 2006, Got into a program that gave us free recording and beat making lessons. Ive been writing rhymes since 2nd Grade.

2.) Where are you from?
Washington DC

3.) What attracted you the most to hip hop? What elements and/or characteristics made you say to yourself that you wanted to do music for a living?
The expression. Pain, love, the passion and self expression from the artist and the production and how they worked together, to relay a vibe.

4.) Do you think that hip hop is dead? Why or why not?
Hip Hop never died. Hip Hop is a feeling. A belief and an artform that lives in the heart of its people. Its just back home, away from the radio/mainstream system that it originally was created to fight.

5.) Who are your influences/heroes/role models?
Dont really have any. Atleast no one that I think of in that light.

6.) If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?
Umm… it would have to be Eminem, for passion/vocal intensity. But thats really only a fraction of what makes-up me as an artist. Its really a soup of a bunch of different styles.

7.) Who are your favorite rappers?
Right now: Slaughterhouse (As a group and idividually), Eminem, Reks, Mr.Probz, Kendrick Lamar, and Qwel & Maker off the top of my head.

8.) What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?
I write for people to know they arent the only ones to go through what ever situation Im talking about. To get lost in a vibe, be it happy or depressed on reminiscing. Many people have told me I accomplish these things.

9.) Do you think that music is enjoyed more for the beat or the lyrics, and why? What do people like most about your music, the beat or the lyrics?
I think most people are beat listeners 1st, then the lyrics and vocal performance hooks them. So it starts with the beat, but i think over time the lyrics are what people enjoy most. For instance, the listeners wont just listen to instrumentals, but they’ll listen to a freestyle or a track with sparse music with promanant vocals.

10.) Is America so superficial that the best lyricists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists?
Hahaha! In a way yes, thats a real part of it. I think its more that the generic artists are safer, and are generally better at promoting themselves than the best lyricist or greatest guitar players etc. So they rise to the top because a machine will push them to the top. Theres also an element of brainwashing and promotion that goes with that.

And opportunity, I mean Jordan wouldnt be Jordan without that. How many people are locked up, or have fam situations that restrict them from recording, writing, performing etc? How many of them could be potential top 10 GOATs that we’ll never hear of?

11.) How do you prepare yourself to write certain songs?
I’ll get a topic and feel of the song, then I may take a hour to a day or so remembering how I felt to match up to it or tell the story. I always wait untill I’m completly intune and mentally ready.

12.) What made you want to get into the music business?
Got tired of established artists and their stagnant videos, production, and raps. The desire to hear someone pushing the envelope.

13.) What is the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in life and has that had any effect on your music and if so, why?
The many close calls with my mom almost dieing. Alot of strokes, and a flurry of other issues: Organs failing, operations etc. 7 yrs and its still happening, but we’re now getting her much better. Several times she’s been right in my arms drifting out of conciousnes. That feeling of helplessness, of not having the power to do anything at all is a strong one. Its loud in your head. And I had to make alot of tracks to get it out of my head and people have identified with it. It also gave me motivation to record and promote more. Another moment isnt ever promised.

14.) What is the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in the music industry?
The amount of egos and people with crab mentalities. People will want to see you do good, just not before, or better than them! We are in a era where most artists need to band together and pool our resources, but you got these artists that either are too good for it or they want to sabotage the whole for their well being.

I only move with friends that I have trusted my life with, or I know are genuinly good giving people. Ive only let in one or two bad apples but they can set you back quick. Runner up would be press/media only, supporting their personal friends. I use it for motivation though.

15.) How do you feel when you see that people enjoy your music and are affected by it?
Thats like winning the championship! lol Its why I do it. Its the 2nd biggest reason to actually make music. Thats my validation to keep doing what I do.

16.) What do you hope to do with your music?
I must inspire people to be themselves, fight for what they believe in, If they have nothing to believe in I hope to inspire them to find something, I must inspire people to be determined, confident, and be prepared to make personal change in themselves before change in the wolrd will come.

17.) Do you plan to branch off and pursue other endeavors outside of music when you make it big?
Definitely. I actually havent waited to make it big, If I get big doing something else, I want to tie it into my music and use it to push that also. Film, Books are just the beginning that Im already working on.

18.) How do you plan to help change the world?
1) by being an example (I do alot of work with the youth and mentoring) 2) By Proudly displaying and promoting values, creativity, and responsibility. and 3) By Helping charities and non-profit organizations. Hope to start one myself one day. 4) Providing music that has these undertones (Though I will/have been making songs that directly talk about these things) so its not preaching but it becomes present. These
things need the presence in the youth AND adults, and music is an awesome vehicle.

19.) What is your ‘vision’ for your songs and music overall? If your music has a message, what message are you trying to send and why?
I think each song has a different vision, but I want it all to have a cinematic feel. Like how movies flow from action to comedy to love to betrayal to action while keeping you completely intertained. If you feel like you are listening to music, I may not have done my job, but if you feel like we had a conversation or you just lived a year or 2 of your life, Ive done my job. I think the general consensus is, Life gets better, and you can too. Never settle.

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