Friday, March 18, 2016

Indie Artist Dumb Question: Why Am I Marketing My Own Music?

If you’re like most indie artists, you’re probably in a constant struggle with your social media profiles and internet marking tactics to find new fans or clients and build your brand. You may feel like you’re swimming in dirty water where you really can’t see but a few inches in front of you, because the truth is you don’t know the first thing about brand building for music artists or graphic designers.

You may even be wondering why you should be trying to take all of this on yourself. Certainly there has to be an expert out there that would take over this part of your job for you, right? After all, you aren’t a social media guru, you’re an artist.

Here’s why you’re marketing your own music:

#1: No One Else Will Help You

This is the obvious answer. You’re marketing because you’re not a well-known artist, and you probably haven’t proven that you’re worth being helped by any record label or brand. You can always submit your work to these companies, but until you’ve proven a fan base, they won’t want to work with you.

#2: You’re Still Building Your Brand Up

When you’re still an upcoming artist, you have to build at least a local brand for yourself so that you have a base of people that establishes you as a real artist. You simply can’t find internet marketers or companies who want to help you spread your brand when they can’t believe yet that your brand will make them any money. Your early internet marketing efforts as an indie artist will build up that brand until you can use it to prove to third parties that you are worth investing in.

#3: You’re Not Asking Your Fan Base to Get Involved

Truth be told, though, there is a way you can involve others besides yourself in brand building and internet marking. You probably have at least a small fan base already, and as long as those people are committed, you can ask them to get involved with the promotion process.

Ask your fans if they know a low cost internet marketer; you may already have a devoted fan with the knowledge on how to build your brand. Or, you could ask your fan base to help hand out flyers for a show or share your event on social media. Getting others involved in the process will only make things easier on you and ultimately more effective.

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