Friday, August 25, 2017

Review - Circles by Jimmie Smith

I had the opportunity to review Jimmie Smith's EP, Circles, and I must say that it is a breath of fresh air. Just from a few listens of this EP, I was instantly sucked in by its vibrant and soulful energy. Circles is very short, concise and straight-to-the-point with no room for filler material, just like a quality EP should be.

The EP starts off with "I'm Sorry" which has a style that seems to incorporate reggae, salsa and merengue. It's a song that can definitely encourage anyone to get on the dance floor. Jimmie has a unique voice and his singing blends in perfectly with this melodic beat.

The next song "Alright" has a very smooth but trance-like R&B sound that starts off with Jimmie singing the hook. After that he goes in rapper mode which automatically brings you in with his cadence, flow and witty lyrics and wordplay. He's at home on the track rapping just as much as he is singin. This song is a marriage made in heaven when it comes to combining hip hop and R&B.

"Craig (XXXTentacion Cover)" comes in next and it's not necessarily a song, but more like an interlude. It's got an old school funk type of sound that is low-key but hard-hitting at the same time. Jimmie sings on there for a little over a minute and then the song/interlude stops. It gives the EP some breathing room while putting you in a place where you want more.

"Don't Try Me" can probably pass for "I'm Sorry pt.2." This is more of a ballad that has a smooth but upbeat jazzy sound. It sounds like a reggae artist was sampled for this track. Jimmie's vocals remain powerful and focused as he flawlessly sings his heart out on this song. This is the type of track you can listen to in the summer while driving with the windows down and watching the sunset.

Last but not least "Forty-Three" ends this EP off with a song that can be a Top 40 hit. Just like the rest of the songs on Circles, this song is very radio-friendly. Jimmie returns for some more rapping this time around, but he made it count and it added a nice break from the singing. He was very quick, witty and in the pocket with his raps.

Circles is definitely worth a listen for anyone who is yearning for music that is refreshing. In an era where there is a clusterfuck of people trying to make it in the music industry, this EP is a body of work that helps cut through the noise. Circles is a love letter full of introspection and charm combined with style that is vibrant and robust in energy.

Listen to Circles here

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