Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Artist Spotlight - Chughey

Chughey, is a hip-hop musician who puts passion and hard-work into everything he creates. Originally from Rock, MI, currently residing in Summerville, SC, Chughey, got into making music in 2012 after an accident snowskating. Always having a creative outlet through out life, first drawing, then skateboarding/ snowskating, and on to making music, Chughey, needed something to express his creative side through after being injured and unable to skate. 

Drawing inspiration from Eminem, Knowmads, and Atmosphere just to name a few, Chughey, started off remixing tracks, and finding beats to use off the internet, Chughey, worked on developing his skills as a mc and writer. Chughey, went on to release four mixtapes, and an EP: Doodles (Jun 2012), Still In The Sticks (Sep 2013), Sloth Life (Jun 2014), Progress (Jan 2016), and his debut ep, produced and engineered by, SkwirllMaster, Pivotal (Aug 2017). Throughout the development of each project, Chughey, dropped remixes, and singles. Keeping consistently focusing on progression and developing his skills, Chughey, developed a truly solid foundation that is ready to be built into something phenomenal. Expect big things in the near future from, Chughey. 

1.) What made you want to get into the music business in the first place? Did anyone influence you to do music? If so, who? Influences? Role Models?

All through out life, I've had a creative outlet. First it was drawing, then skateboarding, then onto making music. During my skating years, I messed around making funny rap songs, but after I got injured I decided to take the music more serious and the rest is history. As for influences, mainly underground hip hop artists like Knowmads, Atmosphere, Sol, Aesop Rock, and many more, influenced me and gave me the confidence to keep making music.

2.) Unfortunately the music industry is full of talented individuals who just don't get any recognition for their talent and/or work. What do you plan to do to make sure you stand out and get noticed?

I'm going to continue to put out the best possible product I can, and promote it as much as I possibly can. I'll keep making noise until there's no choice but to notice.

3.) Would you rather be on a major label or would you rather stay independent? Why or why not?

Independent, so I have full control over my product and can truly make what I want to make. I want to have the freedom to do as I please. And I'm the kind of person who feels a great amount of gratitude from doing something yourself and really earning it.

4.) Do you think that the traditional music industry model as we know it is dead? Why or why not?

Yes, with it being as easy as it is nowadays to make a product in your house, and then share it with the world as quickly as you can. It's definitely changed. 

5.) How do you think the internet and social media affected the music industry and how musicians are able to market themselves?

It's definitely made it way easier for artists to be independent and reach more people than ever.

6.) What is the most difficult thing you've had to endure in life and has that had any effect on your path to becoming a musician?

I suppose finding myself, which I'm still in the process of doing, but it's definitely made for some creative fuel and inspired plenty of songs.

7.) Artists who try to make music for the general public and make more money are usually seen as "sell-outs." Do you see it that way and if so, what do you plan to do to make sure you make music that is true to your brand and make a good living at the same time without having to "sell out"?

It really depends on the artist, because there's nothing wrong with trying new things and being versatile, but when someone literally sacrifices their creativity and putting themself into the music, I see it as selling out. I'm going to continue to stay true to myself and continue to grow creatively, while trying new things. Even if I make a song that's fit for the radio I won't sacrifice the lyric quality and put myself in the music. Logic is a good example of someone doing what I plan on doing in-terms of staying true to yourself and your brand. 

8.) When you do music, what would you like your listeners to get out of your music?

I'd like to help the listener get through their current situation and make their life better, as music has done for me. I want the listeners to get quality lyrics and have something to think about after the track is done.

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