Monday, September 4, 2017

Artist Spotlight - Joshua Dunn

Artist name: Joshua Dunn

Bio: Joshua Dunn is an Tiffin, Ohio born Recording Artist and Producer known for his dark style, witty metaphors and rapid fire delivery. A member of the collective "Profits Down Below" under the former alias That Dude Jasper, he now leads his own imprint; Konspiracy Entertainment. 

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1.) What made you want to get into the music business in the first place? Did anyone influence you to do music? If so, who? Influences? Role Models?

To be honest, I initially didn't want to be involved in the business. It evolved into that eventually over a number of years of creating. I do have several people who have influenced me, mostly the artists I work closely with. I have drawn inspiration from larger regional acts and huge stars, but the bond I have with the people I work with by far has the most direct influence on my art. 

2.) Unfortunately the music industry is full of talented individuals who just don't get any recognition for their talent and/or work. What do you plan to do to make sure you stand out and get noticed?

 I love to let people have their own preferences and taste. All I can do is put as much of my personal character and interests into my music; and if people relate to it that's just a bonus. 

3.) Would you rather be on a major label or would you rather stay independent? Why or why not?

Although I would always be open to respectfully negotiate with any potential partner or investor; I believe that staying true to being independent would be in my best interest. Each side has it's positives and negatives, so I would weigh any situation as it would arise. Never say never, though.

4.) Do you think that the traditional music industry model as we know it is dead? Why or why not?

Yes, I do believe that it is dead. In my opinion it has just changed so much in regards to the way people consume music, that although the traditional model has been skewered there is a new game to be mastered. I'm definitely embracing the challenge.

5.) How do you think the internet and social media affected the music industry and how musicians are able to market themselves?

Being able to be hands on with your marketing and imagery on social media really gives artists the creative freedom to deliver a more unrefined version of their message, and I love it. 

6.) What is the most difficult thing you've had to endure in life and has that had any effect on your path to becoming a musician?

I would say the hardest thing I have dealt with in my path in music was the untimely passing of my good friend and business partner, Mr. Rage. We continue forward still pushing his legacy and having dealt with that loss has changed not only myself but our entire team for foreseeable future.

7.) Artists who try to make music for the general public and make more money are usually seen as "sell-outs." Do you see it that way and if so, what do plan to do to make sure you make music that is true to your brand and make a good living at the same time without having to "sell out"?

That's a really tricky subject. I believe that true artistry is self reflection, so if an artist is creating what makes them feel good that's not selling out to me ESPECIALLY if they are cashing in. Isn't that the dream? I suppose it does become an issue of integrity if what you are creating is dictated by the money. I am a big fan of music, and I also have a strong desire for getting paid, but that's just a part of who I am. The beautiful thing is we can all think what we want! 

8.) When you do music, what would you like your listeners to get out of your music?

I would like for my audience to get whatever it is they are looking for. If they want to feel good, I want to accelerate that. If they want to be in collusion with any sort of mood, it's our job to give them something to grab. I'll never know what they need directly but I hope that it resonates with the listeners in the way they desire it to!

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