Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Review - Drive by Richard Schroder

Starting off an album called Drive with a song called "Drivin" is a great way to take the listener on a musical journey that starts off with Richard Shroder expressing how much he'd drive to get back to his love. He confesses his love even more on the song "Stay" while giving us a great description of what kind of a woman a "Nashville Girl" is. "Backseat Love" is a trip down memory lane that most loving couples who've had romantic moments parked somewhere after a nice drive would reminisce about. "Right In The Middle" is a great reminder for men who are hesitant to go for that special woman that they want. When you want someone bad enough, it's all or nothing. You can't straddle the fence or be in the middle. When the woman you want is with "Someone Else", it's something that is heartbreaking. Richard breaks this down perfectly. "Someone Else" is a song that many men who have had their heart broken can relate to. People like to say that "opposites attract" but on the contrary, most people attract people who are more like them. This is illustrated very well in the song "One And The Same." In "Wildest Dreams" Richard talks about the hunger and desire to do more with your life instead of succumbing to the mediocrity of everyday life and never realizing your dreams. "Anytime Anywhere" and "Pray For Me" are good songs for closing out an album, simply because they each provide a moment for reflection as well as introspection in different ways. "Pray For Me" is also motivational. The last song on the album "Emily" is very reminiscent, similar to "Backseat Love." After listening to Drive, one would get the impression that it was one long love letter. A long love letter that is very in-depth and heartfelt. It was also extremely relatable, which is excellent when put into music that the listener can not only relate to but enjoy as well. If you're big fan of country music, then this is an album you must listen to! You can listen to Drive right here.

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