Thursday, September 28, 2017

Review - Pivotal by Chughey

The EP Pivotal sounds like a brief journey into the world of Chughey. On first listen, you would think you were listening to a mix between Eminem and Yelawolf. On songs like "Dose" Chughey sounds like another member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. This isn't a bad thing because not only are they legends in the rap game, but their fast rapping style blended with harmonizing is what made them stand out and make a serious impression on the game at one point and time. Anyone who has a similar style but is able to make it their own would be hard pressed to not be able to please hardcore hip hop fans. After a second listen, you come to the realization that even though Chughey sounds like a hybrid of these emcees, he does have a sound of his own. Just like many other rappers out there, he draws inspiration from other well-known rappers in the music industry. One thing that stands out about Pivotal is that Chughey maintains his fast rapping style without sounding the same on each song. He raps fast, but is able to slow it down on certain points of each song. This is very apparent on the song "Mailman."His attitude while rapping is very self-assured and you can tell that he's motivated to be triumphant in the rap game and in life in general. This type of attitude is on full display on "No Fronting" and the title track "Pivotal." After listening to this EP, it will make you be curious for more. It'll make you wonder how much damage he will do on a full-length album where there would be more tracks for him to rap on with more topics to explore. Take a listen to Chughey's EP Pivotal right here.

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