Monday, November 20, 2017

Artist Spotlight - Yorai Dragon

"Name's Nick, alias is Yorai Dragon, I got the name from when I was a kid, playing one of my favorite games called "Breath Of Fire 4" . In BoF4,the title of the main character "Ryu" was The Yorae Dragon. Which was pretty much the God of all Dragons. I love Dragons, so I changed the e to an i, and made it my own lol.

The album name "Breath of Musiq" is inspired by the name "Breath Of Fire". and was released on September 13th, 2017.

About my album cover: 

The album cover shows a Dragon emitting music notes through its aura, spreading it out in powerful waves. The blue-ish color of the album represents the Sapphire birthstone of September. Since the release date will be on September 13th, which also happens to be my birthday. The green highlight around "Breath Of Musiq" and my logo, represents the month's horoscope of the Virgo. The Virgo is of the Earth Element, thus the color being green."

1. Dancing Tengu: Dancing Tengu is a song that has a theme of the Japanese folklore creature, known as the Tengu. Inspired by performance shows such as "So You Think You Can Dance" and "America's Got Talent", Dancing Tengu suits choreographies well. The Tengu comes onto the dance floor, ready to bust a move in front of those who oppose it.

2. Galactic Beat: A Mix of a Baltimore Beat and a Jersey Club vibe, Galactic Beat's theme deals with the space/sci-fi part of things. The beginning of the song is a spaceship taking off, and traveling into the unknown. It then transitions to the spaceship going through a blackhole. A dramatic conflict takes hold, until those in the spaceship, shoot and boost their way to victory. As the travelers in the spaceship are reaching the end of their journey, a new conflict arrives. They take care of business and exit the blackhole, soon landing back home. (NASA has a theme they can dance to while at work...? haha)

3. Into The Unknown: This song takes the listeners into the unknown. Strange and weird twists and turns. High and low volume effects that catches the user off-guard, but in the end it somehow connects as one. Hope you're ready for an unexpected, yet satisfying ride!

4. Summer Fun: A song made with the combination of an old school house music, and "chill" vibe. Summer Fun is like one of those house music songs you've heard in the 90s during a block party or club, with a little bit of variation to it.

5. Jazz Groove: Inspired a bit by broadway Jazzy performances, "Jazz Groove" mixes the instruments of classic Jazz music, with modern day dance music. Parts of the song slows down a notch, while the other kicks it up a notch. Ending off on a huge mix of the two. Creativy is in the hands of the listener.

6. Those Days: Much like the song "Summer Fun", "Those days" is a song that touches on the sound of old school house music. It is made with a more straight forward and simpler approach, yet brings in the bass more for a dancy groove.

7. Tales Of Poppin': The final battle, the final boss. Tales Of Poppin' was inspired by movies such as "You Got Served". It focus' on a battle between a person/team against the final boss (or opposing team). Vibes of an epic tale, with hard hitting conflicts, and a segment of mystery. T.O.P aims to amp up the seriousness, and end things off on a high and hard fought note. Who will come out on top as the winner?

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