Thursday, November 23, 2017

Review - Breath of Musiq by Yorai Dragon


“Breath of Musiq” is an ambitious journey through the raw mastery of ingenuity, touching diversity and artistic maturity which has smoke-screened its humble beginning. The project began unknowingly when Yorai Dragon started messing with FL studio in 2013; it was just for the fun of practice until the first track was produced and the bright future was envisioned and dreams turned goals.
The album is blaringly energy-exhausting, running 7 tracks of vivacity and ecstasy, draining one of all usable strength not sparing little for the weak muscle. It is an innovative harmony of quixotic plucky strings and gusty wind instrument that unfolds a healthy dose of plush creativity mixing all the shades of the instruments leaving no void to not feeling everything in between, craving a rare but also famous genre yet to be explored.
The album opens with “Dancing Tengu”, the apt touch to details exposed by the mixed stereo effect of the big bass drum that accompany the music concealed the frightening perceptible horror voice. The track is characterized by china palette as the traditional musical instruments can be hard warbling in the shadow. “Galactic Beat” would fit perfectly into an action suspense scene as the actor displays his epic kunfu stunt, its repetitive melodious energy reverberates writhing bass ri.
“Into The Unknown” is an EDM inspired groove, as its acoustic drums envelopes the conspicuous percussion, as the flickering steely chords alternate into rhythmic propulsion. “Summer Fun”, “Jazz Groove” and “Those Days” all have something in common, which is the predilection for wind instrument; a subtle bite into the glut leaves the ear exhilarating more for those thick harmonics. “Those Days” enjoyed more of the oscillating claps and melodious piano that gave it its distinctive iridescent form and shape.
The project didn’t without its own veiled snag come easy as Yorai Dragon scuffle with the mix of life's ups & downs and the side order of "Lack of motivation" as they maneuver “Breath of Musiq” off track almost to a fatal standstill as he regretfully pledge the “I quit” until he was knocked back into his senses as he breaks his pledge and ride towards victory.

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