Thursday, November 23, 2017

Review - "The Chase" and "My Dearest One" (off the EP, Rebel) by Ravencroft

The mesmerizingly melody-driven alternative rock band, Ravenscroft is set to deliver a six song EP, Rebel in January 2018. This review will focus on their two pre-released singles "The Chase" and the ballad "My Dearest One."

The first song I listened to was "The Chase." From the first listen, you get the sense that they're talking about chasing your goals and dreams. The great thing is this song can be interpreted in many different ways, but when it's all said and done, it's about a pursuit. That pursuit can simply be the pursuit of happiness (whatever that might mean to you). The lyrics "don't waste your time" is strong throughout and can be very self-explanatory. "Look to the light of the rising sun" is the first thing you hear once you press play. Someone can take this as advice to look to God or a god. Or look to your higher self. Find a way to rise in order to pursue your goals and dreams. Get rid of distractions and hurdle the obstacles and roadblocks while you're on your chase.

At the 1:46 mark, the listener is treated to a brief intermission, no lyrics, just music. This is good because it gives you time to digest the lyrics and make sense of it. The video has a dark and gritty feel to it. Very fast-paced and graphic with the group of samurais fighting one another. The words of the lyrics pop up during the video also. This is refreshing because the music video doesn't show the band, but more so imagery. Less focus on the band themselves and more focus on the lyrics and how the imagery of war illustrates the content of the actual lyrics. 

The next song is "My Dearest" which is definitely lighter in its tone and approach. This most certainly is a ballad. This not only shows that their is a yin and a yang to this band, but that they are versatile with their music. The production of the track is powerful yet calm and serene in approach. An R&B singer could make a song that is similar but the vocals wouldn't have been as energetic and rebellious as the vocals on this particular track. The subject matter is very relatable and heartfelt, not only that but it is introspective enough to make you to reflect on certain things might've done (or not done) in a relationship. It's a love letter from you to your significant other (or ex-significant other). 

Based off these two singles, it would make you want to hear more from Ravenscroft to see what else they have to offer musically. If you want to take a listen to the two songs, click here.




Video: "The Chase"

Twitter: @ravenscroftofcl

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