Sunday, December 10, 2017

Review - I Want More by The Just Right Band

The first track "I Want More" is a real calm and serene song. It's a song that the ladies will definitely appreciate especially if they're being courted by the right man. "Now And Then" is a song that is reminiscent in nature and a confession of how you'd be hurt if you were to think of the woman you love being with someone else. The next song gets into how things between a man and woman "Suddenly" happen, especially when interacting and getting to know one another intimately. Going from distant to deep is something that anyone would feel happened suddenly when you click with the right person. With the song "It's Gotta Be Love", when you come across that one person, it makes you think it's got to be love. People who've had love at first sight before would be able to relate to the words of this song. The duet between lead singer, Michael Veal and Eunice Green is beautiful. There is definitely chemistry between the two on the track and it shines through. "Be With You" could be self-explanatory as the album comes to a close. The lyrics make it loud and clear that the woman being sung about is the one and only; the one and only woman you want to be with. When your woman gives a special kind of love and attention, that means everything in the world. "Baby's Love" paints that picture very well. Closing out the album is "Another Love Gone Wrong." This song touches on how a past relationship went left. Whether it be a relationship or marriage, sometimes things don't pan out. I Want More is a real feel good smooth R&B album, so if you're a fan of good R&B music that touches the soul, listen to the Just Right Band. Click here to listen to I Want More.

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