Saturday, December 9, 2017

Review - Three To Your Belly by Yung Twizzle

Track Listing

1.) Bag Bigger 
2.) Spend To Win 
3.) That 30
4.) Seen Her
5.) Fire (feat. Keiria Marsha)
6.) On You
7.) One Take
8.) Big Headed
9.) Keep It Hood
10.) Head High (feat. Keiria Marsha)
11.) Jamaican

Yung Twizzle, a well-known mixtape monster before his 7 year incarceration 2009, is back with a blazing new single, "Spend to Win," a song that lets you know that Twizzle works hard and plays just as hard. In this game he's playing to win, plain and simple. The single is off of his newest project, "Three to Your Belly," a mixtape featuring production by hit producers Johnny Juliano, Polo Boy Shawty, Kajmir Royale and more. With tracks like the braggadocios "Bag Bigger," explicitly sexual "Seen Her," the more mellow and sensual "Fire," and "On You" (which addresses the adoration of that one woman you have your eyes on), it's clear as day that Twizzle is a certified ladies man, who pulls no punches with the game he spits. "That 30" is straight gangsta, rider type music that you just cruise down the highway with the volume up. If you're a fan of raps with straight-laced gun talk, then that's a track you'll enjoy. "One Take" is a song that addresses the haters among other things. If you consider yourself to be extremely confident or cocky and the type to not give any fucks, then "Big Headed" is a song you can relate to. "Keep It Hood" is a track that talks about that woman from the streets who's all about a man from the streets. "Head High" is a reminder to keep your head up especially since life is hard. If you're all about 420, then "Jamaican is a song that you will appreciate. If you're a fan of trap rap or Dirty South rap altogether, then Three To Your Belly is a must-have. It will be available for purchase on January 18, 2018. Click here to get a preview of the mixtape.

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