Friday, December 8, 2017

Who Is Big City Cowgirl?

"Big City Cowgirl is a songwriter, singer, and performer who was born on Long Island and raised in Brooklyn, New York. You might ask, how did a girl from New York develop a love and appreciation for Country Music? Her desire for Country Music was inculcated in her through her mother, who has always been a big Country Music fan. Big City Cowgirl grew up with it and has constantly had country music in her heart."
A look at Big City Cowgirl’s social media shows a surprising fact; a large portion of her Tweets and posts comprise of thanks and shout outs. 

This, by itself, is not unusual - it is a familiar grind of an artist on the first rungs of stardom.

Where Big City Cowgirl differs, however, is in the genuinely heartfelt nature of her personal Tweets and the similarly honest nature of the replies from fans and well wishers.

It is this personal touch, complemented by her backstory of a Big City Cowgirl with Country music in her heart, that makes Big City Cowgirl stand out.

She has always maintained that she wants her music to be honest and uncontrived, and, with the simplicity and down to earth nature of her lyrics and music videos, she seems well on the way to achieving that goal.

As of now she has a new song called “We Got All Kinds of Crazy Here.” It is a sing-along bar song that is suitable for several events, people and moods.


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